Emotional First Aid

Don’t ignore pain especially if it’s an emotional pain. Let yourself be

vulnerable and embrace how you feel, you will feel more courageous

beautiful, and worthy of being afraid. Be mindful of how you treat others,

that’s how they will treat you.

Tips to boost mental health:

1.Plan out your day/routine

2.Journal things you’re grateful for.

3.Work with your strengths not weaknesses

4.Love unconditionally

5.Good night’s sleep.

6.Take baby steps/ don’t try to do everything you think needs attention

7.Talk with a therapist

8.Laugh at yourself

9.Pamper yourself/ get your hair cut/go for a swim / read a good book.

Whatever your favorite pastime is.

10.Practice forgiveness/for others and yourself

11.Cut out toxic relationships

12.30 min walk or drive

13.Listen to music

14.Set an appointment with Tracy

Website: https://lifeafterlimbs.com/

Email: tracy@lifeafterlimbs.com

Emotional First Aid

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