Q 1. Are you diabetic?

A 1. No, I am not

Q 2. Will my phantom pain ever go away?

A 2. I wish I knew the answer to that. Everyone is different. I can tell you what has helped alleviate some discomfort I’ve had.

Q.3 How did you get over all of the stares?

A 3. For myself, as I got more comfortable walking, I just stopped noticing most of it. People are just curious. They really mean no harm. Your leg is super COOL!!

Q 4. What are your prices?

A 4. I have many price packages to meet everyone’s needs. Fill out a contact form and we can set up a time to go through them with a free 30min consultation.

Q 5. Do you only work with amputees?

A 5. No, I’ve worked with friends and families of amputees also.