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When my leg was amputated, I lost a lot more than just a limb. I lost so much of “me”. It squashed my confidence, took my independence, I hated myself and how I looked. It made me question why me, and eventually darkened my mind. I was diagnosed with depression & PTSD. I didn’t ask for anything.

I started taking out my frustrations, fears, and feelings of being inadequate. Little did I know not everyone was looking at me the way I thought they were, it was all ME.

Mentally I got stronger. It seemed to change overnight. I didn’t want to feel beaten, insignificant, angry, or sad anymore.

I took my confidence back. The attitude of why me, changed to try me. Yes, I lost a leg but not my life. Things change when your mindset changes.

I felt stronger each day and I continued to feed my brain with positive thoughts and started eating healthier. I have a long way to go and it’s a rough and rocky climb. You can do it, if you want it bad enough it’s bad enough. It’s up to you, focus on the things you can control. I have been in your shoes, Let’s walk together.

– Coach Tracy

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