Tracy has always been that person to look outside the box. When problems arise, she looks for solutions. My sister went from a pain in her leg, to being an amputee. Her journey was not easy, but her attitude never wavered.

Oh Snap! Let’s get moving with Life after limbs! Let Tracy help you navigate your issues with the experience that she has learned on her own.


I met Tracy before her amputation. Loyal, strong, vivacious, funny, with a laugh and smile that never ended. After the amputation, there was a sadness that overcame her. But even then, I saw how much she tried to put on a brave face and still laugh and crack jokes.

She was trying to remain the same Tracy I knew before it happened. The reality was, she wasn’t. A part of her was literally missing. Then Stella came along and everything changed. It didn’t happen overnight and there were definitely some bumps along the way with some setbacks, but Stella helped Tracy emerge into a new, fascinating, powerful woman with a sense of purpose and a relentless amount of positive energy.

Tracy has always been spiritual but that spirituality truly has become forefront and center in her life and it shows. When I’m back in town she and I will swim laps in the pool together. A nautical mile. The woman has part of her leg missing and she will go toe to toe with me in the pool with Stella watching us (usually wearing a hat).

I honestly don’t know how she does it, but I am in awe of her, and Life After Limbs is the next chapter in this incredible journey of hers. I’m so proud of her and feel very blessed to have her in my life.

-Ronni Zeigler

I met Tracy 30 years ago when we both worked for Health-Mor Industries. Tracy was then, and still is, wickedly determined. In my own mind, I somewhat feared her – not because she was ever overtly cruel or demanding but she expected no more from her trainees than what she was willing to do herself, and quite honestly – I wasn’t sure I could keep up! 😊

Through the years, we have kept in touch via facebook, emails, and text messages and I have followed her journey with Stella. I continue to be amazed albeit not at all surprised how she has adapted and overcome life’s challenges. As I said, she expects no more from the ones around her than what she is willing to do herself. Overcoming obstacles and adversities is more of a well-orchestrated dance she navigates with skill and grace. I have an unyielding amount of respect and admiration for Tracy, and who she is as a person. She is kind, and loving, a true fighter, and always a fearless friend.

Love you Trace!!


Tracy is an inspiration to not only amputees but anyone her path crosses.

I am constantly amazed at her can-do attitude, perseverance, positive fun-loving attitude, and amazing sense of humor. The grit she shows and her resiliency, when faced with trying times, amaze me.

I’m not sure where she gets all her strength, but we all can learn from this amazing lady. She is truly a role model for all.


I remember the day I met Tracy vividly. We were rounding in the hospital and one of her closest friends was at her side. She had recently received the news that we could not save her leg. This is truly one of the worst parts of the job. She was devastated and skeptical.

Tracy soon became one of my favorite people I have had the pleasure of taking care of. She would be the first to tell you, it has not been easy. Tracy and Stella have had an incredible journey but made it out on the other side. She is honest, dedicated and hilarious. I feel honored to be a part of her journey, and know she’ll continue to thrive.


I remember the first time I met Tracy Losee Metzger, and looking back,I really think that it was meant, for me, to meet her on that day.

My son, and I, who had gone to school with Tracy in earlier years, were coming from the wound clinic at Mercy Hospital. We were walking through the pavilion, and there was Tracy, sitting, waiting to go home. She looked up and smiled. I noticed right away that she was an amputee. We exchanged a few words, me letting her know that it wouldn’t be long, and I would also be wearing a prosthetic leg. (The result of an accident, a few months earlier). Right away, with me, she made such an impact, with her positive attitude, and smile. I thought to myself, at that time. If this much younger woman is able to be as positive, and accept what has been handed to her, I surely could.

From that day on, I’ve been trying to follow her, as much as possible on Facebook, and learning, so much from her. She has, no doubt, been a big inspiration, and encouragement, to me. This last summer, I had noticed her, swimming with friends.

Until this time, I really didn’t think it would be possible to get into a pool and have the fun of swimming again. Since, I am enjoying, and too, helping myself, by being enrolled in a Water Aerobics class, at one of our local gyms.

I have seen Tracy suffer, and struggle, from issues related to her amputated leg, also, through those painful experiences, she has come through stronger, and more positive than ever. From this, I’ve had my own health problems. By watching Tracy, I became more aware of the Health Professionals, at the University of Iowa hospitals, that might, be able to help me, also. In doing so, I will be seeing doctors in the next few, months, and like Tracy, I have the confidence, and peace, that they will be able to help me.

Without Tracy’s help, and probably, without her, even realizing it, I’m not sure how I would feel, or where I would be, on this life-changing journey. Through her, and watching her, experience some of the same things that I am, I know, that I can live my life, as normal as I want it to be.

Thank you, Tracy, for your strength, encouragement, perseverance, and too, sometimes humor, during this walk, with you.


I met Tracy when she was just beginning her journey as an amputee using a prosthesis.

She had a very positive attitude at that appointment and has continued that positive attitude throughout the years I have known her.

Tracy has not had a smooth transition to functioning with a prosthesis since her initial amputation but has taken everything in stride and continues to show what a positive attitude and hard work looks like.

Daily she continues to motivate people and just live her life as she wants to.

-Tim Z. (Prosthetist)

Strong, determined, resilient.

These are the words I would use to describe Tracy.

I don’t think there is anything that can keep this lady down. She is not only a role model for her fellow amputees but for anyone who has struggled with unexpected health issues.

I know that the struggle has been real and at times daunting, but Tracy is proof that with hard work, determination, love, and a good dose of humor we can overcome any obstacles that life throws our way!


I have known Tracy as my daughter’s “other mom” since the girls were in Kindergarten. She has always been a go-getter and wants everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun. She got my shy 3rd grader to join her daughter’s softball team, which was a huge deal for us!

When Tracy went through all the medical trauma, I watched her resilience and determination to keep going, even when it was hard. When she had emergency surgery on her leg, the gnarly incision was “I’m going to get a cool tattoo!”

When we shared milkshakes in her room at the U of I before her full amputation, she was laughing and joking with the nurses.

Tracy never lets life get her down, and embraces the things she CAN do, which is anything!