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The Liner Wand

The Liner Wand
Designed by doctors, trusted by amputees, and a patented science!! Need odor control, Skin irritations, or Sores? The Liner Wand Hygiene system works on all liners. The daily cleaner is 100% soap free, PH balanced, fragrance-free, and dye free. Then the magic – The Liner Wand with apocrine uses a propriety formula of fast-drying alcohol and solvents to remove dirt and debris while leaving behind a chemically bonded film of titanium dioxide, silver, and silicone. This provides weeks of lasting protection. “I have been using The Liner Wand Hygiene system for a while now! All issues with odor, sores, and funk are gone!!” – Tracy

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Amplife Clothing (ambassador) in a new tab)

Amplife clothing
Apparel for amputees that love to show off who they are with FUN apparel sayings. Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and even wheel-chair attachments. A true leader in innovation. Or are you just looking for a cause to donate to? Check them out!

No Limbits

The zippered jeans everyone is raving about! Erica also has clothes designed for those who are sensitive to what they wear.

PowHerFul Impact Training

PowHERful Impact Training , LLC
Alison Graham Is an ACE-certified personal trainer and certified in Precision Nutrition. You won’t find anyone like her!! Alison has drive, dedication, and a kind heart. Workouts are challenging, but she keeps an eye on our form and is ALWAYS positive a moving with a smile on her face.

Shin Fin

Shin Fin
The shin fin benefits below-the-knee amputees for rehabilitation, pool training, and open-water training. “I use it personally for a better core workout, and leg strengthening, and it helps engage all of my core muscles.” – Tracy

Adventures of Roxy and Maliboo

Adventures of Roxy and Maliboo
Hillary Sussman is an inspiring author and physical therapist of 23 years. Her Roxy and Maliboo books help kids with Limb loss and Limb differences to gain confidence and overcome their physical differences. Hillary talks about bullying, words matter, and it’s okay to be different. “I believe all children can relate or learn from these amazingly written books! “ – Tracy

socket socks ( Ambassador )

Joan MacDonald had her leg amputated at age 50 after 30 years of chronic pain. Joan’s business socket socks have beautiful fun prints. There is something for everyone. Each cover is made to fit your socket like a glove. “I really love that I can create a custom cover “


Cosi Talks

Check out her online amputee exercises today.

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