Amputee Survival Kit

🚨 Safety is extremely important as an amputee. No matter where you are you should always have an amputee survival kit!

Here’s some ideas on how to build an Amputee survival kit. Depending on your limb loss you may need to add extra items:

⭐️Shower wipes, tea tree oil (sweating and to help with bacteria. I use The liner wands. Check on my website to see where you can buy them.

⭐️Liner patch, prosthetic salve, Ampu-balm prosthetic balm. (My favorite) These help with rubbing and chaffing.

⭐️Spendo 2nd skin blister kit or band aids

⭐️Pads, socks, siipos mineral oil gel or roll on.

⭐️Suspension sleeve, small towel and duct tape for temporary repairs. Extra liner liners, topical antibiotic cream, pain meds and a 4mm wrench for adjustments or repairs.

For your safety it’s important to be prepared.
Questions? Concerns? I’m here for you!!

Amputee Survival Kit

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